Established in 1950, White Rose Credit Union provides loans and banking services in York and Adams counties in Pennsylvania. Whether you work, attend school, or live in either county, you’re eligible to join White Rose.

Among its other banking products and services, White Rose offers personal loans, both secured and unsecured. While the credit union’s loans offer flexible terms, they might not have the lowest rates on the market.

If you’re considering a White Rose Credit Union personal loan, here’s what you need to know about the product.

White Rose Credit Union personal loan products

Before taking a closer look at this lender, check out the rates and terms on its unsecured and secured personal loans. Note that your APR will depend on a few factors, including your credit, loan amount, whether you use a qualifying cosigner, and repayment terms.

These rates are accurate as of June 8, 2018, but they can always change. Make sure to check with the lender for the most up-to-date information.

Loan amount APR Repayment terms
Signature loan Up to $20,000 8.99% and higher Up to 7 years
Share secured loan Amounts vary 2.99% and higher on terms up to 5 years; 3.99% and higher on longer terms Up to 10 years
Share certificate secured loan Amounts vary Certificate rate, plus 1.75% Terms vary

Personal loans can be used for just about any purpose, whether to pay for a home improvement project or to consolidate credit card debt.

White Rose Credit Union offers a few types of personal loans: its unsecured “signature loan” and two secured loan options.

  • Signature loan: This is White Rose Credit Union’s version of a personal loan. You can choose a repayment term as long as seven years, depending on how much you borrow.
  • Share secured loan: This is a personal loan secured by money in your savings (or share) account. Because these loans are secured, they tend to come with lower rates than unsecured loans. You can choose repayment terms up to 10 years.
  • Share certificate secured loan: This is a personal loan secured by your share certificate, which is a credit union’s version of a certificate of deposit. Repayment terms vary on these loans.

If you need a break from payments and you’ve had your loan for longer than three months, you might also qualify for White Rose’s “skip-a-payment” benefit. You’ll need to apply for this at least five days before your payment due date, and a $25 fee will apply.

Besides personal loans, White Rose Credit Union also offers auto loans, home equity loans, and mortgages.

White Rose Credit Union interest rates and fees

With APRs on unsecured personal loans starting at 8.99%, White Rose’s rates are only slightly lower than the national average of 9.22% for all credit unions (based on three-year unsecured personal loans).

Plus, several online lenders offer even lower rates to creditworthy borrowers. FreedomPlus, for instance, has rates starting as low as 4.99%. And since FreedomPlus is an online lender, you don’t need to meet any membership requirements to borrow.

Let’s say you borrowed a $10,000 loan on a five-year repayment term from White Rose Credit Union. At an 8.99% rate, you would pay $2,452 in total interest.

White Rose offers even lower rates on its secured loans. On a three-year term, your APR could be as low as 2.99%. On longer terms, APRs start at 3.99%.

A 3.99% rate over five years would cost you a lot less in interest than an 8.99% rate. On a $10,000 loan, you would pay $1,047 in total interest.

One thing to keep in mind: White Rose’s share certificate loan will have the same APR as your certificate, plus 1.75%.

You’ll see your rates after you apply and get approved for the loan. Make sure to estimate your monthly payments and interest with our personal loan calculator so that you understand the true costs of borrowing a personal loan.

What are the eligibility requirements to borrow?

To borrow from White Rose Credit Union, you must be a member or meet one of its membership requirements. These state that you must live, work, worship, go to school, or own a business in York or Adams counties.

If you’re borrowing one of its signature loans, you must also meet underwriting requirements for credit and income. Those applying for a secured loan must have a share account or share certificate with the funds required to back up their loan.

Using the White Rose Credit Union online platform

White Rose Credit Union has five branches in Pennsylvania, but it also offers an easy online application to anyone looking to borrow a personal loan.

Even if you’re not a member, you could be eligible. Note that you don’t have to be a Pennsylvania resident to qualify.

You’ll get started by indicating the state in which you live, as well as whether you’ll be applying individually or with a cosigner.

membership eligibility screenshot from white rose

Image credit: White Rose Credit Union

Next, you’ll enter your loan amount and preferred borrowing terms, including how you’d like to pay and how often you’d like to get billed.

loan information screenshot from white rose

Image credit: White Rose Credit Union

Finally, you’ll enter basic personal information, including your name, address, and Social Security number.

applicant information screenshot from white rose

Image credit: White Rose Credit Union

After reviewing your application, your last step will be to submit to the credit union. According to a customer service representative with whom I spoke, you should get your loan within two to three days.

White Rose offers strong customer service

White Rose Credit Union seems to excel at customer service.

“[Anytime] I have had questions or needed help, when I call the customer service, they are so nice and helpful!” one reviewer wrote on DepositAccounts. “And the people at the actual location are just wonderful. I rarely have to wait longer than a minute or two, they always have ample staffing, and the employees are incredibly knowledgeable and so nice!”

“I love the family atmosphere and the welcoming staff,” another wrote. “They do their best to help in good and bad times. They are always looking for ways to better my membership.”

Contact customer service for more information

Beyond this review, you can learn more information by visiting one of White Rose’s five branches or calling customer service at 888-755-9773. You can also send a message through its website or follow the credit union on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Finally, you might take advantage of its financial resources for customers. White Rose offers videos on budgeting, as well as blog articles about personal finance. Plus, it provides student and youth programs to help kids learn about money management.

As a small credit union, White Rose supports its community with educational programs and outreach initiatives. The credit union offers a full range of banking services and products, including both unsecured and secured personal loans.

At the same time, White Rose might not offer the most competitive rates you can find on a personal loan. So if your goal is to save money on interest, you should shop around to find the best personal loans before making your final choice.

Note: Student Loan Hero has independently collected the above information related to White Rose Credit Union personal loans. White Rose Credit Union has neither provided nor reviewed the information shared in this article.

Interested in a personal loan?

Here are the top personal loan lenders of 2018!

Lender Rates (APR) Loan Amount  
1 Includes AutoPay discount. .
2 .
* .
7.73% – 29.99% $1,000 – $50,000
5.90% – 15.24%1 $5,000 – $100,000
5.96% – 35.97%* $1,000 – $50,000 Visit Upgrade
8.00% – 25.00% $5,000 – $35,000
4.99% – 29.99% $10,000 – $35,000 Visit FreedomPlus
5.99% – 18.99%*2 $5,000 – $50,000 Visit Citizens
15.49% – 34.49% $2,000 – $25,000 Visit LendingPoint
5.99% – 35.89% $1,000 – $40,000 Visit LendingClub
5.49% – 18.24% $5,000 – $75,000 Visit Earnest
9.95% – 35.99% $2,000 – $35,000 Visit Avant

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