Young entrepreneurs learning how to start their own businesses (NTV News)

Kearney kids are busy learning how to become young entrepreneurs this summer.

Right on the University of Nebraska at Kearney campus, the Center for Entrepreneurship and Rural Development is helping kids learn how to start their own business.

“My business is called Crafty Creations. I’m making bags and dog treats,” said 12-year-old Talyn Ritchie.

“I’m going to be making Granada and slime,” said 10-year-old Koji Kitabatake.

“I love building RC planes out of foam board and I’m saving up to buy the servos and motors,” said 13-year-old Christopher Johnson.

These young kids actually getting the chance to create and market their products while also learning what it takes to become great entrepreneurs.

“It’s to kind of light that entrepreneurial fire for these students. They might know they want to start a business someday and we’re really just helping them refine those skills and put them into practice,” said the coordinator of youth education Aliese Hoffman.

“It’s important to learn it at a young age because if I do remember the information correctly, a study was shown that kids between the ages of eight and 15 can learn and store information better,” said Johnson.

Words like net profit margin, net loss and net profit may not be something most know but for kids taking the Biz Kids Camp, those are some of the things they need to focus on to create their business.

“We’re learning what an entrepreneur is, how to budget your money, how to take a loan out. You know just basic stuff to start a business,” said 12-year-old Arica Goodell.

The camp teaches kids ages 10 to 14 what entrepreneurship is, how to price products and how to budget their money.

“I think a lot of them just like to be able to use their creativity and put it into action. Not just to sit and learn lessons but actually build and sell and make a profit to actually see the results from it,” said Hoffman.

If you’d like to support their final products, they’ll be selling them at the Kearney Hyvee on June 15 and at the Kearney Night Market on June 21.

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