I used to eat out for lunch, and my thought process would go something like this: “Do I feel like Mexican food? Indian? Mediterranean? Okay, how about Mexican. There’s that taco truck, the hole-in-the-wall place, maybe something new.”

How many hours of my life did I waste thinking about lunch? A lot. So I decided to try eating the same simple lunch every day: a sandwich and yogurt.

It sounds insane, but this changed my life. I didn’t need to think about lunch anymore because the decision had already been made for me.

Like Scott Adams says, “Losers have goals, winners have systems.” And systems can be applied across your life. For example, you can have a certain dollar amount, say $100, automatically diverted to some simple investments before your paycheck ever hits your bank account.

This way you’re spending what you have left after investing, instead of investing what you have left after spending.

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