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Digital Marketing Specialists creates Muse facebook campaign


Sid Hayns-Worthington

Business reporter

Tom Davenport, founder of Digital Marketing Specialists

Tom Davenport, founder of Digital Marketing Specialists

A GLOBAL ad campaign by a local digital marketing company to promote a film by the rock band Muse has exceeded sales expectations.

Digital Marketing Specialists Ltd, who recently moved into the Carriage Works, were handed the contract two months ago by Trafalgar Releasing to run the global campaign for the band’s film on Facebook.

The film is a one-night only screening of the band’s Drones Tour concert from 2015-16, which used several drones to give a 360 view of the stage, adding unseen special effects and insights from the band.

Founder of Digital Marketing Specialists, Tom Davenport, said: “I was a huge fan of Muse growing up as a drummer and rock music fan. It’s thrilling to know that a small Wiltshire-based company is bringing so many Muse fans together to share this unique, worldwide experience.

The company got into campaigns for the film industry in April with the Passenger’s last album to Nick Cave’s one-night only cinema event .

“Whatever we’re doing is working,” said Tom. “Our clients appreciate our ongoing optimisation and attention to detail when running these accounts, unlike big media buyers who seem to set-and-forget a lot of their digital marketing.

Digital marketing involves aggregating users into audiences so that advertisers can better target advertising to people on certain platforms.

Tom added: “Social media advertising platforms are unbelievably powerful. We adjust the message, or refine the targetting, and if the audience keeps responding positively, you get very affordable results.”

Muse has over 16 million fans on it’s Facebook page, and topped the charts in the early 2000s with hits and winning two Grammy awards for Best Rock Album for the Resistance and Drones.

The Drones World Tour movie can be viewed in Swindon tonight at the Empire Cinema at the Greenbridge Retail Park on Drakes Way at 8pm.

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