Mental agility is a fantastic trait for brand managers.

The pace at which social media platforms are changing calls for continual
adaptation from those who wish to excel. Knowing who is visiting the
different channels, how often your audiences are checking each site and
what content does best on the differing platforms are crucial to driving
marketing success.

So, where and how should you be spending your advertising dollars on
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn?

from PAN Communications
dives into data that can help brand managers tailor marketing efforts for
their target audiences.

It includes:

  • Facebook accounts for 83 percent of the total social media ad spending in
    the U.S.
  • Instagram receives the most engagement per post compared to all other
    social media platforms.
  • Eighty-one percent of millennials check Twitter daily.
  • Including an image with a LinkedIn post can increase engagement by 200

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Check out the full infographic below for more insight into how to succeed
in the changing social media landscape.

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