AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) – With just five days until the first day of school, tax-free weekend for some money-conscious consumers is synonymous with back to school shopping.

The first of the three-day holiday shopping weekend is coming to an end if the Westgate Mall was your tax-free destination. 

Hands full of bags and signs advertising major sales.

“Actually today I didn’t even know it was tax-free, then we came here and it turned out to be good,” said Hashim Haskins, Shopper.  

“Oh it was just a great time to go shopping, we saved up to come this weekend,” said Mikki Hirschler, Shopper.

It’s not a regular day at the mall.

“Tax-free weekend is super busy, we have everyone from multiple states coming in we’ve actually talked to a family that was here from Kansas doing all their back to school shopping, taking advantage of all the great deals. We have Coffee Memorial coming tomorrow so they’re doing free shirts to anyone that donates for the boots and badges contest that’s coming up,” said Kaitlyn Pillow, Marketing Manager at Westgate Mall. 

But they weren’t the only one here making the drive to save some bucks.

“We came from Pampa,” said Hirschler.

And that drive may be worth it. 

“Yea we save some money, I like to spend my money,” said Haskins.

Officials said shoppers will save about $90.3 million in state and local sales taxes during the sales tax holiday.

“Our sales tax growth has been doing really well this fiscal year. We’ve had eight consecutive months of increases so there’s an overall impact of folks going out and shopping and spending money on those tax-exempt items. Overall we still see a benefit of folks out shopping in Amarillo during tax-free weekend,” said Andrew Freeman, Amarillo Director of Planning and Development Services.

Texans have been celebrating tax free weekend since 1999.

Tax-free should be every day,” said Haskins.

The law exempts most clothing, footwear, school supplies and backpacks that are $100 or less from sales tax. 

Saving shoppers about $8 on every $100 they spend during the weekend.

In honor of the three day holiday, the mall is staying open a little longer. 

They close at 10 p.m. today and tomorrow but will be open at 10 a.m. and on Sunday the mall will be open from noon to 7 p.m.

Click here for a list of apparel and school supplies that may be purchased tax-free.  

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