Downtown Flint is busy with economic development projects, including the renovation of several iconic but long-abandoned buildings. Read about these developments and stories of entrepreneurship — and check in on the city’s bustling farmers market.


In this special report:

Downtown Flint flips the script: Buildings built for newspapers, furriers and carriage companies are getting new life in downtown Flint. Read story.

Flint-made Sutorial Boots beloved by Kevin Bacon: Tim Goodrich was a pastor who answered a second calling: to become an artisan boot and shoe maker. Read story.

Meet the Flint entrepreneur who’s ‘more Phil Knight than Phil Knight’: Flint influencers compare Kiara Tyler, 25, to fashion super-successes like the founder of Nike and Vera Wang. Read story.

Flint Farmers’ Market flourishes in former newspaper building: The historic Flint Journal building and printing plant are twin symbols of the city’s rebirth. Read story.

One in 100,000: What would happen if everyone in Flint came up with a business idea? A nonprofit called 100K Ideas is designed to find out. Read story.


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