Haiti – Economy : 70 young people are introduced to entrepreneurship
12/08/2018 10:14:11

Haiti - Economy : 70 young people are introduced to entrepreneurship

As part of the summer activities of the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Civic Action, 70 young people from the Department of the West recently participated in a four-day training in entrepreneurship around the theme “Yon jenès k’ap fè biznis pou yon Ayiti devlope”. The purpose of this training is to provide young people with the tools they need to transform their idea into a project and then into a company to contribute to the development of Haiti.

Following this training, the best business plans will be funded by the Ministry and others will be merged to create a collective business. In addition to receiving a grant to set up their business, these young entrepreneurs who will out of the group will receive coaching during the first year by a team from the Department of Youth and Integration (DJI) of the Ministry.

In different modules, participants addressed: terminology, the business environment, being or not being an entrepreneur, how to find and validate its business idea, the study of products / services and the market and the feasibility and viability study.

The Ministry notes that “Participants learned that a man with an idea must turn it into a business because an employee never became rich until he understood that he must take his destiny into his own hands and work for himself. Being an entrepreneur gives you financial autonomy while being your own boss. The history of the creation of some companies in the country, now a reference, were taken as an example during these four days of training.”

On the second day, Régine Lamur, the resigning Minister of Youth, Sports and Civic Action congratulated the beneficiaries and welcomed the participation and commitment of young women and reiterated her faith in will, dynamism and potentialities of Haitian youth “The fact of wanting to create your business in Haiti is proof that you believe in your country […] Nobody will love Haiti more than Haitians.”

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